A New Way to Compose your Essays

EssayBuilder is a special CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) program to help you plan, write, revise and check your essays.

EssayBuilder will:

  • Speed up the writing process.

  • Help you write better essays.

  • Help you increase your vocabulary.

  • Help you get better grades.

  • Help you pass your exams.

  • Help you learn English faster.

EssayBuilder is now in version 2.2


Version 2.2 has:

  • an improved User Interface so that you can easily find the commands you need;

  • an improved database to provide you with more words and phrases;

  • support for all Microsoft Word file formats;

  • the facility for highlighting high or low frequency words, words from the Academic Word List or a custom list of words. | Digg | Newsvine | reddit | StumbleUpon | livejournal | BlinkList
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